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This animation is the embodiment of the age-old maxim that everything that can go wrong WILL go wrong.

And it is hilarious.

Loved it.


Excellent homage to the game. I love your take on this "boss." The crap-propelled deer was one of my favorite parts of Castle Crashers.

Can't wait to see what you do with the game's other bosses. Especially Pipstrello. I really hope you do something with Pipistrello.


I don't see many animations based on comic book characters here at Newgrounds, but this one shines. It's a nice mix of the Nolanverse and the DCAU.

The animation could've been a bit more realistic in some parts (most notably Batman's running), but the concept, writing, designs, and overall atmosphere are amazingly well-done.

I'd love to see more done with Batman or with comic book heroes in general. There's a lot of untapped potential out there for great animations. Glad to see someone taking a chance on it.

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Excellent, as usual.

The Demon is as funny as ever, even if it's for a shorter outing this time.

The secret medal was predictable but awesome.

Good in principle, but...

It just never seems to end. After a while of playing this, you start to get tired of shooting people in the head, and you just want to move on with the story.

Fast and addictive...

Excellent game; it's very simple, but quite fun. It does take a little time to really get going, but overall, a nice creation.


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A trance song in minor key, not something I hear very often on this site.

But it's very well done. Has a sort of Arabian flavor to it. I could definitely see this in a desert level in a video game.

Just make it a bit longer, maybe have the tune vary a bit more, and it'll be a masterpiece.

Absolix responds:

yes the key is something that honestly, I'm proud of it because it fits the song. I do plan on expanding it, because the way I left it off at the end give many possible ways I can expand on the track!
thanks for your review!

I can definitely tell it's influenced by Gokian.

So much so, in fact, that it lacks an original feel. :\

It's extremely well done, don't get me wrong, but try doing something new, maybe? Unless your goal is to remix a remix...

Nonetheless, there's nothing wrong with the song itself, so enjoy a ten.

T1LTED responds:

Thanks! I agree it does lack some originality so I added my own bridge section and full song that I will upload later.


Reminds me a lot of Cave Story, actually. Sounds pretty action-y. Can't really find anything to complain about. It's all-around a well-done piece. Keep it up!

HonorOfStyle responds:

thnx makes me feel good hearing that!

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This is incredibly detailed, in regards to both the artwork itself and to the theory behind its biological functions.

Just... wow, dude. Nice work.

Aw crap, dude.

Is that Rita Skeeter on the wall, watching him?

Anyway, it's an... interesting joke. Well drawn.

I write music. Some good, some bad, some okay. The stuff that I don't find completely sucky can be found here.

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